PasswordSafe 1.8

A strongbox to save your account details


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited storage


  • No integration with browsers

Not bad

If you're finding your ever increasing logins to websites are getting too numerous to recall, why not try a password manager?

PasswordSafe is a simple, and free application where you can keep as many passwords and account details as you like, locked a virtual safe.

You can have as many safes as you like - setting one up is really simple, just give it a name, an owner and password and then you can start filling it with account details. The simple form allows you to put the URL, user ID and password, plus any additional comments you might have.

PasswordSafe is a really basic application, but for home use is a great way to store your online details as long as you don't lose the master password! Unfortunately there's no option to have a reminder question to retrieve you password.

PasswordSafe is a standalone application, no installation required, so you can keep it on your USB stick if you want to carry your passwords with you.

PasswordSafe is very basic, but does its simple job really well.



PasswordSafe 1.8

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